The Best Pancake Recipe EVER!

I am a French Toast kind of girl. Always have been. If I had my choice between French Toast and Pancakes, Pancakes would never see the light of day. Until now. This recipe made me cheat on French Toast. And I’ve cheated over and over again. I’M SORRY FRENCH TOAST!

Ok, have fun making the best homemade pancakes in the world!

These ingredients you combine through a sift (if you don’t have a sift, whisk the dry ingredients together or stir the dry ingredients with a fork- the point is to really incorporate the dry ingredients together):
– 1 1/2 cups of flour (all purpose will do)
– 2 oz. of sugar
-2 teaspoons of baking powder
-pinch of salt
-a shake or two of cinnamon

Make a well with your fist in the dry ingredient mixture and add in the liquid ingredients:
-10 fluid oz. of milk
– 2 eggs
– 2 oz. melted butter
-Few drops of vanilla extract

*Now you let this batter stand for 15-20 min. to allow the baking powder to activate.

Heat cast iron skillet (or regular skillet) to medium heat, coat pan in butter, pour batter!
When you start seeing several bubbles starting to pop on the surface it’s time to flip.

Alternative ingredients:
add chocolate chips,
almond extract instead of vanilla,
any fruit like blueberries, blackberries, etc!

If you’re smart, you will put a tangy type of jelly on the first pancake in your stack and then put Nutella spread on the top pancake. Seriously, it’s HEAVEN ON A STICK!

The End.


4am Call Time…

This may be the shortest post I ever write and here it is:

Getting up at 4am for a video shoot call time does not make me the happiest person I’ve ever been. Buttttt… Tomorrow is a brand spankin’ new day filled with promise and pancakes! (I may share this amazing pancake recipe with you because you are special!)

I’m sleepy. Good night.

The Importance of Crit Partners

Critique Group

The Critters at DFWCon 2012!

Boy, do I LOVEEEE my crit group, aka “The Critters.” If you are a serious writer and you are not included in something as magical as a crit group, then GET TO IT! I cannot tell you how many times this has saved my buttocks. (Side note: I love the word “buttocks”).

Crit groups help you to see so many things with different eyes and different points of views. Just yesterday, I got a comment back from one of my Critters and after processing the comment, I was all like, “Whoa. I TOTALLY didn’t see it that way!” It’s so amazing how different we all are and how differently we read things. Our senses of humor, points of view, and life experiences really shape the way we read.

I will be humble and admit how naive I was when I thought everyone would read the page the same way I read it.  And if MY words were being read by the group, I thought they would all see how amazing everything was on the page. RUDE AWAKENING! But it’s feedback that is so important to your writing process.

I come from a film school background and so I’m used to getting my ass torn apart in critiques. Every time I would finish a video short and show it to the class, I remember my stomach clinching in knots, anticipating what others would think about it. Sometimes the feedback was pretty harsh. Sometimes I left the class feeling like I sucked. But you know what? I didn’t suck. And their feedback only made my storytelling better. I could even go as far to say, it is what has gotten me to this point in my creative life. It’s invaluable.

When I started writing, I totally forgot that this type of ‘tough love’ could be applied to all art forms. I guess I was still stuck in video art world. Being back in a crit group that comments on my writing gives me that same crazy feeling I had in film school: nervousness about what my readers will think, and at the same time, exhilaration in knowing I will make this thing better.

Stop the Tape. REWIND!

I’m going back. Way back to 1990 when the hit song, “Iesha” was on the radio. It was sang (rapped? Not exactly, but sort of) by a band called Another Bad Creation. Perhaps you remember them. Today I was thinking of my first gymnastics recital I had when I was seven years old. I had originally picked Marky Mark’s, “Good Vibrations” to be my recital song. I planned all these sweet cartwheels and not-so-sweet splits that went directly with the beat of Mark Wahlberg’s amazing vocals (Wow, he REALLY has come far in his career). But when it came time for the committee to approve my recital song, it was REJECTED.

“How could this be?” I asked in a whiny kid voice. All my moves timed up perfectly to this genius pop-track. My mom said it was because there was a tiny curse word in the song. I still love that description of the curse word. Tiny. When I asked what the word was, she wouldn’t tell me.

Because of this little hiccup, she abruptly changed my recital song to “Iesha” and this resulted in a nightmarish performance of everything I learned the previous year in gymnastics class.

If you watch the mortifying home video, you will hear the song start (it has a really rad Pungi instrument that kicks it off). You see me doing a  dumb dance move and then the beat kicks in and…HOLY COW! I’VE MISSED IT! MISSED THE VERY FIRST BEAT. MY VERY FIRST BACKBEND!  After this unfortunate mishap, I just stand there confused because, at seven years old, I don’t know how to just pick it up from where the music is in the present moment.

What was the tiny curse word that caused this deep-seeded stage fright at a young age? “Hell.” Which is totally ironic because that was what I was experiencing during my gymnastics recital when I mucked up my routine in front of a full audience of parents.  As a matter of fact, I would love to challenge you to listen to “Good Vibrations” and pick out where the word “hell” is actually said. It goes so fast, you could almost miss it. Almost. Just the way I missed my recital intro.

Tell me bloggers on the web: Where do your deep-seeded fears come from? I’d love to know! Hit me!

My FIVE Fave Season Finales Of All Time (List Can Be Altered)

Oh boy. I’m fresh off a hot season of television! There is nothing I like more than a sizzlin’ fried bacon sandwich of a good finale show! (You figure that one out. I already know what it is). I mean Hoooolyyy Crap!

I will now start my list of fave finales I’ve seen- they are from any year but I’ll start with the one I’ve just finished:

1. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES!!!! Season 3: Elena is a what????!! OMG!!! I want to scream like a little French girl.

2. Battlestar Galactica Season 2: Who is a Cylon and who isn’t!  The suspense is killing me!

3. 30 Rock (any season): Jack Donaghy. I love you the way I love Dean, my Christmas wreath reindeer.

4. Arrested Development Season 2: Pretty please come back for that limited season and movie!

5. Freaks and Geeks Season 1: I smell a re-make, any takers? If you’re lame, STAY AWAY! I will not forgive!

Now, I know there are a MILLION great ones (and don’t kick me, I haven’t seen Veronica Mars yet- it’s on my list I PROMISE!) But I want to hear your top faves! I’ve forgotten many- help me remember! I’ll keep growing the list as your comments pour in!


Gob and Franklin



Jack Donaghy

DFWCon and Dean. He’s a Reindeer I’m in Love With.

I got my face melted off at DFWCon this past weekend. I learned about publishing, writing and blogs. I’ve never written a blog before in my life and now I’m doing it. See? There are actual words on this page. WORDS. PAGE. OOOOO. AHHHHH. I watched in awe as Kristen Lamb, blogger and author extraordinaire, taught our asses off about the do’s and don’ts of, well… everything. That being said, I’m going to suddenly switch gears on you.

I’m not sure who out there is a silent auction fan, but let me tell you this:

The silent auction at DFWCon connected me to Dean, my velvet reindeer who lives in a Christmas wreath. Yes, you read that correctly. He’s amazing. He’s my boyfriend and Dean says “Hello.” This silent auction reminded me of everything that is good about thrift stores…you never know what the heck you’ll find. A moo-moo? Ok. A shiny bowl with a raisin stuck to it? I’ll buy. A record with a naked lady on the cover? Why not. A handmade Christmas wreath with a velvet deer named Dean attached to it? I’M YOURS.

With all that being said, I’d like to invite the question: What has made YOU passionate lately? Being at a convention for writers connected me to many things- new besties, new focus on creativity, and Wow-ness.  I want to hear about your Wow-ness. Hit me.

Birdy Jones and Dean, the Reindeer.

I have hearts in my pupils.