DFWCon and Dean. He’s a Reindeer I’m in Love With.

I got my face melted off at DFWCon this past weekend. I learned about publishing, writing and blogs. I’ve never written a blog before in my life and now I’m doing it. See? There are actual words on this page. WORDS. PAGE. OOOOO. AHHHHH. I watched in awe as Kristen Lamb, blogger and author extraordinaire, taught our asses off about the do’s and don’ts of, well… everything. That being said, I’m going to suddenly switch gears on you.

I’m not sure who out there is a silent auction fan, but let me tell you this:

The silent auction at DFWCon connected me to Dean, my velvet reindeer who lives in a Christmas wreath. Yes, you read that correctly. He’s amazing. He’s my boyfriend and Dean says “Hello.” This silent auction reminded me of everything that is good about thrift stores…you never know what the heck you’ll find. A moo-moo? Ok. A shiny bowl with a raisin stuck to it? I’ll buy. A record with a naked lady on the cover? Why not. A handmade Christmas wreath with a velvet deer named Dean attached to it? I’M YOURS.

With all that being said, I’d like to invite the question: What has made YOU passionate lately? Being at a convention for writers connected me to many things- new besties, new focus on creativity, and Wow-ness.  I want to hear about your Wow-ness. Hit me.

Birdy Jones and Dean, the Reindeer.

I have hearts in my pupils.


10 thoughts on “DFWCon and Dean. He’s a Reindeer I’m in Love With.

  1. I love you and this blog and Dean. And I hear your voice in everything you write. And it is brilliant.
    Passionate about? Well…I kinda need to pretty up my WIP2 because DFWcon made me way insecure about my first chapter, voice, and hero’s journey, but you know, with your REVISION HELL notes, I’m not completely dying inside. So, I have a sticky note that says: ARE YOU DEAD? NO? THEN WRITE!!!

    (PS, You’re now on my NerdSquad blogroll!!) xoxo

    • You.are.the.best.in.so.many.ways. Girl, you can do it! Aren’t those crazy class notes awesome! At first, I started having heart palpitations, but then I noticed it was just excitement in knowing that I had a list to ‘guide’ me until I was done! Coma or death? No? THEN WRITE! (This lady was the one who passed out after her Fast Draft class and then kept going to teach Revision Hell. Just goes to show, she wasn’t dead or in a coma, so she kept going!) ADMIRE!

  2. Love you! Your passion and excitement is contagious. So excited to add your awesomesauce mind to my inbox (via your blog, hehe).

    I’m passionate about being perfect. Not a good thing. Hoping to switch over to “passionate about living a life full of mistakes” or in the very least “passionate about hot men.” We’ll see. 😉

  3. I’m so jealous of you affair with Dean. I mean, he’s one hot piece of venison, cradled in the wintry magic of evergreens. YOU GET THIS IN LATE MAY. Seething in envy.

    Such a lucky deer.

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