New Year, New Book!

The wonderful Critter group I am a part of had a wonderful idea for this new year:

To make goals for a new novel for the new year (hence the name New Year, New Book) and then to keep track of your goals by way of a PROGRESS BAR! Every one in the group has a progress bar and everyone in the group can easily see one another’s progress. Throughout the month, we will be held accountable for these writing goals we have set for ourselves. Also, our peers can gently encourage us to get these goals accomplished by supplying prizes, support, or critiques!

Gearing up for the new year is important. As a writer you want your arsenal to be chock full of ideas or sometimes you just need a break from your current WIP. New Year, New Book is an excellent way to journey down this path with wonderful friends to help you along the way.

Check out how we have ours set up here and feel free to make one for your own group!

Happy writing!