I Am A DFWCon 2013 Instructor!!!

Hi all!

This year I was asked to speak about self-publishing and co-authoring at the 2013 Dallas-Fort Worth Writer’s Convention! *Does Pee-Wee Herman Bar Dance* I’m so excited! Last year, I worked very hard with Laura J. Moss to self-publish “The Unofficial Harry Potter Insults Handbook” and through diligence and persistence, showed that a agent-rejected book could sell and make money! And now my reward is to share this knowledge with others like me: those who have many ideas, who are self-starters, who are focused and ready to get their boots dirty. Because, believe me, this route isn’t an easy one.

I hope to see all you sparkly writers (not sparkly vampires) at the Con this year. There is a great line-up of wonderful agents, editors, publishers and speakers. And from my experience attending DFWCon last year, I can tell you it’s a great motivator to get your book finished- not to mention all the networking opportunities you will have!

Hope to see you there and take my classes! I would love to meet you and hear your stories!


Love, Birdy