Whoa! So much is going on and I’m FLIPPING OUT! (In a good way…)

Hello my beautiful peeps! I’ve missed you.

Sorry I’ve not had the chance to write on my blog in a while but things have been BIIIZZZZ-EEEEE.

Here’s a quick run-down:

1. I taught at DFWCon this year and it was super rad! Met many nice folks and pitched an agent which was super fun!

2. Came back inspired and ran a Kickstarter campaign for my newest children’s book, Mr. Cool. We needed to raise $3K and ended up raising $3,700! It was a super-intense process, but the support I was shown and the people who donated to my book really made me feel happily overwhelmed with gratitude. It was really interesting to learn what really goes into running a successful KS campaign and it was a lot harder than I thought! Kudos to all those others out there who have done the same. It’s alotta work!

3. Since then, I’ve been finding a publisher to print 100 copies of Mr. Cool to give back to the people who showed me such support on KS. The last few months have been quoting, pricing and overall FINDING the write (get it?) publisher for this book. We’re doing a completely custom-made design idea, so it’s been a very crazy process of finding those who can meet our needs and weeding out those who can’t. We’ve finally nailed down the publisher and now it’s time to put this baby into action! It’s time for Mr. Cool to be born.

4. In other news, The Harry Potter Insults book has been doing spectacularly well on Amazon and Createspace. Since December of 2012, we’ve sold about 2,000 copies which makes me flip out with joy! Thank you to all who have supported this book and spread the love!

So, all in all, it’s been an intense few months filled with positivity and support. It’s really been amazing. Choose to look at the opportunities in front of you, instead of all the negativity that can be out there, and you will see great things happening!

MUAH! I will update soon with progress on Mr. Cool!cover