It FINALLY happened!

Ok folks- it finally happened!

After years of hard work, several manuscripts, hundreds of rejections and thousands of tears, hard work has finally paid off!

I am now a repped picture book author! I’ve been crying tears of joy for a week! (They are much better than the sad kind that comes in this business…) I’m now with Kirchoff/Wohlberg, an agency that’s represented the children’s genre (baby to YA) for over 28 years. My wonderful agent, Ron Zollshan, believed in my manuscript, Mr. Cool and after a few rewrites and edits, we’ve teamed up to take over the world! I’m super excited to share this news with all my favorite people (that’s YOU). You’ve all been instrumental in helping me in everything I do in this field.

So…know that with hard work and never giving up, someone out there WILL believe in you and your manuscript! It’s right within your grasp! Now let’s hope this baby gets sold!