Where Have I Been? So Much News!

Helllllllooo Everyone!

So, it’s been an ETERNITY since I’ve written a blog post, but so much has been going on! (Horray-sies!) Last we met, Mr. Cool was signed on with the wonderful Kirchoff/Wohlberg and then it was out for submission.

Well, I’m so happy to report that in January we got an offer! And I’m even MORE EXCITED to report that we signed that contract in June with POW! Books! My editor is the super awesome Sharyn Rosart (previously from Quark Books) and she’s gearing up to make Mr. Cool a reality!

Pow! is an amazing independent publisher based in Brooklyn, NY. They have two independent bookstores: powerHouse Arena in Brooklyn and powerHouse on 8th. They distribute through Random House so I’m excited to get the best of both worlds: a small publishing house that focuses directly on their clients, as well as the experience of a huge distributor. Triple Coolness! I’ve already learned a TON so far and I didn’t realize that I was so in the dark about a lot of this printing stuff…

Right now we are finishing up the art files and edits- the book is scheduled to be available in January 2015 (insert tears of joy here) and I just can’t wait for you all to get your copy. So far, I would say it’s about having a great team coming together to make the book the best it can be. I feel especially lucky to have these people on my team for my book. Let’s get to work!

Aspiring authors: Keep working, keep working! You’re almost there! (HIGH FIVES!)