Traveling and Vertigo. They Can Be Synonymous.

My fellow pal and writer-friend, Laura J. Moss, now calls me Lucille 2 (the character from the spectacular show, Arrested Development) because I woke up with a severe case of Vertigo last week in Alcoa, Tennessee. I was telling her, “My head hasn’t felt the same since Alcoa.” And then I paused and exclaimed, “Oh my god! That would be a great first line to my auto-biography!” Perhaps this experience will have led me to write an amazing book about myself. Watch out David Sedaris… I have never experienced this illness before, even though my sister and brother have, and I can tell you this: I HOPE IT NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. The sad thing is, my husband (who was with me during this episode), later admitted to me that he really wanted to make a joke about how I reminded him of Lucille 2 as well! I like to think I would’ve laughed – right after I puked. At least I can say this upside-down experience has earned me a pretty cool character-referenced nickname that I can be proud of!

Last week, I was in New York City on a film shoot (pre-Vertigo) and very shortly after that, I drove to Alcoa, Tennessee for another shoot. It’s always crazy to see how different one state looks from another. New York is big, bustling, energetic and alive (oh yes, ALIVE) and smaller towns, like Alcoa, are quiet, secretive and special. I think there is a time and place for both. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard for some to find the special place called “home.” There’s just too damn much to choose from and in certain times of your life, one is better for you than the other. I have lived in Wilmington, NC, New York City (Chelsea), Chicago and now Atlanta. Every single one of these places has something incredible to offer.

So I’d like to ask you, dear readers, where has your favorite place been to live and why? I think mine has been anywhere good friends and family can be found. Oh yeah! And a place without Vertigo.